Bank Holidays 2014 Calendar

Bank Holidays 2014

Bank Holidays in England

Bank holidays in England are public holidays, where many businesses and non-essential services are closed allowing the working population a day of leisure during the week. The name 'bank holiday' originates from a time when the Bank of England would close. In 2014 there are 8, so when is the next bank holiday?

Summer Bank Holiday

25th August 2014

The next bank holiday in England is Summer Bank Holiday and it falls on Monday 25 August 2014.

Summer Bank Holiday, taken in England, Scotland and N. Ireland, falls on the last Monday of August.

Upcoming Bank Holidays in 2014 in England
Holiday Date Day
Summer Bank Holiday 25th August 2014 Monday
Christmas Day 25th December 2014 Thursday
Boxing Day 26th December 2014 Friday
Past Bank Holidays in 2014 in England
Holiday Date Day
Early May Bank Holiday 5th May 2014 Monday
Spring Bank Holiday 26th May 2014 Monday
Easter Monday 21st April 2014 Monday
Good Friday 18th April 2014 Friday
New Year's Day 1st January 2014 Wednesday
New Year's Day
Wednesday 1st January 2014

The bank holiday for New Year's Day marks the celebration of the first day of the new calendar year on January 1. On years where this date falls on a weekend a day is given in lieu during the week. Celebrations usually take place the night before with the strike of the clock at midnight being the focus, and New Year's Day is often a day of recovery and rest. In 2014 the bank holiday for New Year's Day falls on Wednesday 1st January.

Good Friday
Friday 18th April 2014

Good Friday is a religious holiday, originating from the Christian faith. Most working UK citizens, regardless of religious beliefs, take this as a public holiday. Christians remember Jesus Christ's crucifixion on this day, with Easter Sunday, the celebration of his resurrection, falling two days later. The date varies each year depending of the date of Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday
Monday 21st April 2014

Easter Monday is a public holiday in the UK celebrated by Christians as a day of brightness and renewal after Easter Sunday. Its date varies depending on the time of Easter that year. It is customary amongst Christians to go 'egg rolling' with friends and family. Hard boiled painted eggs or, more recently, chocolate eggs are rolled down a hill in friendly competition.

Early May Bank Holiday
Monday 5th May 2014

Early May Bank Holiday, more commonly known as May Day, is usually on the first Monday of May in the UK. Across western cultures it is a traditional spring holiday, and has associations with both northern European pagans and International Workers' Day. In Great Britain historical celebrations include Morris dancing, maypole dancing and the crowning of a May Queen.

Spring Bank Holiday
Monday 26th May 2014

Falling on the last Monday in May, Spring Bank Holiday is the modern replacement for Whit Monday. Its date originally varied each year according to the date of Easter Sunday but it has now been set in a more fixed position.

Summer Bank Holiday
Monday 25th August 2014

Summer Bank Holiday is the last Monday in August in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is more formally known as Late Summer Bank Holiday due to its replacement of an earlier holiday, August Bank Holiday, at the beginning of August. Scotland has retained the August Bank Holiday which falls on the first Monday of the month.

Christmas Day
Thursday 25th December 2014

Christmas Day is a religious holiday in the Christian Faith, although it is celebrated by much of the wider population of England regardless of religious beliefs. Christians celebrate their belief in the birth of Jesus Christ on this day and exchange gifts with friends and family. Christmas Day is a civil holiday across many of the world's nations and always falls on the 25th of December. Where the date falls on a weekend a bank holiday is given in lieu during the week.

Boxing Day
Friday 26th December 2014

Falling the day after Christmas Day, Boxing Day is a bank holiday in the UK. In days gone by bosses would give their servants and tradesmen gifts of thanks on this day. In modern times it is usually spent relaxing and visiting family who were not present on Christmas Day. Where the date falls on a weekend a bank holiday is given in lieu during the week.